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Charles M. “Bud” Freel

Charles M. “Bud” Freel is our 8th District Council Member in the Wilmington City Council and communicates with his constituents via an informative newsletter.  We all benefit from keeping current with the noteworthy events in the Trolley-Highlands area – from lost pets to crime trends.  We urge you to subscribe to his mailings, or feel free […]

29 Jun 2016 1

Out & About Magazine

Out & About Magazine is a monthly variety magazine which features local events, places and people of interest.  Their comprehensive website includes a weekly news letter, and spotlights social networking, music, movie, nightlife and more.  Complimentary copies are available around town, or just click here to read some of their new articles.

29 Jun 2016 0

Delaware Sports League

Delaware Sports League is self-described (for those over 21) as  “a way to go out, get some exercise, and hang out with other people in the league that, like you, like to go out and run around for a while and have some fun.  Then afterwards go hang out to that night’s Feature Bar and […]

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The City of Wilmington

The City of Wilmington’s website has an abundance of information from events, jobs, trash collection to on-line payments.  Visit:

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Midtown Brandywine

To learn more about the Midtown Brandywine neighborhood in downtown Wilmington read here: Midtown Brandywine.

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